Welcome to the updated ximStudio (with Shop)!


ximStudio just received a long overdue facelift!

The ximStudio shop is now live, and currently shipping within the United States.  If outside of the U.S. please feel free to contact, and I will arrange shipping options.  Also, if you happen to see a piece at one of my showings or in a gallery, feel free to contact as well for pricing and availability.  Currently I am only posting smaller pieces within the online shop. However most of my work is larger, generally 4 feet up to 8 feet in size (in various dimensions).

Austin Art ximtudioI can send images at request of larger pieces that may be on display (generally in the Austin area).  As well as works that may be available, or in production in my South Austin based studio.

Thank you for visiting and checking out my site as well as my artwork!

Currently some pieces are available to be seen at the Suds Monkey Brewing Taproom.  Which is just outside of Austin right before Dripping Springs on 290.

I will be adding many more pieces of artwork to my store, and perhaps some additional categories.  I will also be creating various post in different topics. Including (but not limited to) art, animation, design, coding, woodworking, web design and more.  Stay tuned, and thanks again for stopping by.


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