ximStudio is the digital playground for South Austin based artist and graphic/web designer Todd T. Bryant.

ximStudio is his creative outlet displaying artwork, graphic design, as well as his life interests, and passions.

Todd’s Art

Todd’s work primarily focuses on the world of abstraction.  Feel free to contact if interested in purchasing one of his gallery pieces currently showing, or if interested in displaying his work in the Austin area.

ximStudio itself is split between the two facets of studio art (illustration and abstract paintings), and the world of commercial graphic design, web development, and animation.


“Over the years my work has definitely taken a natural evolution to an abstract style. Very rarely are my pieces narrative, and I seek out the journey of the piece more than the final outcome. I tend to let it find itself, and see it more as a form of meditation. On occasion my graphic design tendencies sneak their way in there, which I welcome it when that happens.  It’s more of a ‘go with the flow’ sort of mentality as I let it somewhat lead me to it’s creation.  I always welcome the unexpected, and accidents throughout that journey.”


In The Beginning

Todd T. Bryant, originally from Houston, has been residing in beautiful Austin, Texas since 1995.  With main intention to pursue art, music, and just to get away from the high-speed surroundings of Houston. Todd has been into art since a child, drawing, painting, cartooning.  Attempting to sell drawings to family members for change as a kid. His love for comic books originally led him in that path, while he studied at the Glassell School of Art, he focused on cartooning and life drawing where he furthered his techniques and exposed himself at a young age to Houston’s Art District.

After moving to Austin, Todd spent several years taking Art Classes and pursuing a BA in Studio Art, which ended when an unfortunate accident (in 2000) led him to severing tendons in his left hand (and yes, he’s left handed). That caused him to drop out of school, endure several surgeries, and time away from school and work. During this time he was pulled in by a friend to design graphics for a website. While healing he fell in love with building computers, programming, and graphic design.  Todd also furthered himself into animation and digital art.


Through The Years

Over the next few years he continued his new love for digital art, mixing it with his old love of music and producing to working on various projects. During this time he continued his art as well, primarily focusing on Oils.  And became a founding partner, and contributor in the “Austin ArtOber Fest” (a.k.a Octob”ART”-fest) which lasted from 1999-2004 (and may one day return).

For years, Todd spent his days working as a graphic/web designer for an eCommerce company. At the same time was freelance web consultant/designer (www.CrossEyedMedia.com – folded in 2006) specializing in Flash animation and multi-media.

In 2004 he was pulled in by the SXSW (South-by-Southwest) Film Fest Awards as Film Production Manager/Animator. During this time he did all of the 2D and 3D animations that displayed on the big-screen backdrops of the Film Awards, Web Awards, and parties for SXSW. He maintained that roll for the  2004, 2005 and 2006 festivals.

Departed for the 2007 year since he would be honeymooning with his lovely wife in Maui. Which was the same time as the festival in Austin.



Todd currently works as a full-time Front-End Developer and Graphic Designer for a marketing/publishing company in Dripping Springs, TX.

Nowadays (outside of work), painting is one of Todd’s biggest focus when time allows. He stays pretty busy between the day job as a designer, and as a husband and father of two wonderful children.

What use to be “Cross-Eyed Media” has evolved into “ximStudio” Todd’s creative output for his painting.  Which over the years has taken a definite turn for abstraction. He still dabbles constantly in the world of the digital media.  Currently working on various projects including animation, music videos, 3D modeling and more. These experimental projects are typically launched online under the production name of ximStudio or tbAustin, and www.ximStudio.com